What to look for when visiting a rental property

Finding the perfect rental property can be challenging, with so many options to choose from and factors to consider. The process can feel overwhelming, and you may find yourself wondering how to narrow down your search. When you finally get to visit your top picks, it can be easy to fall in love with a property without critically looking at all the details. In this post, we’ll discuss what to look for when visiting a rental property. So, whether you're a first-time renter or a seasoned one, this guide will help ensure you find the property that checks all the boxes.

Before you start imagining your furniture in the space, examine the state of the property. Check the walls for any cracks, water stains, or discoloration; this could indicate previous leaks or poor maintenance. Look at the floors and carpets for signs of wear and tear, as a worn-out carpet can be a major hazard and can lead to trips, slips, or falls. Check that windows and doors are secure, and assess the safety of the surrounding areas. If the property has outdoor spaces, ensure that they are well maintained and properly cared for.

Make sure all the appliances in your potential rental property are in good working order. Turn on the lights and inspect all the electrical outlets. Check against the inventory list (if provided) to ensure that all the appliances include items such as washing machines, refrigerators, and dryers. Inspect the air conditioning system, including the filter. Confirm the water heater is in good condition and has enough capacity for you and your family. Poorly maintained appliances can indicate a negligent property manager or landlord.


Choosing a rental property should not be solely about the house or apartment itself. Research the surrounding area and neighborhood to help you make a decision. Check important amenities, such as schools, grocery stores, hospitals or clinics. Walkthrough the footpaths and streets to identify any safety concerns; ask the current tenants about their experience in the area. If you own a car, consider the ease of parking and the need for a parking spot.

 Unwanted pests such as rodents and cockroaches can be a potential problem for many rental properties. Check for signs of infestations, such as droppings, nests, and damage to the building's structure. Ask the landlord about pest control measures and who is responsible for any future issues. Nobody wants to deal with bugs or rodents roaming around their home, so always be on the lookout for these!


Always be sure to review the lease agreement before signing it! Ensure that all the terms outlined are acceptable to you. Will the landlord pay for any repairs? Are pets allowed in the property? Are there any specific rules on noise policy or parking? Check if the landlord or property manager requires renter's insurance. Carefully reviewing these details ahead of time can save you from ending up in a home that is no longer ideal for your lifestyle.


In the end, finding the perfect rental property requires a balance of what it offers versus its price and location, with other factors like amenities and maintenance playing roles in your decision making. By following the advice offered in this post, you’ll have a better understanding of the key factors to consider while going for rental property visits. Remember, too much inspection is not possible, so take time to explore and see what suits you best while respecting property owners and managers as well. Best of luck with your search, and a perfect rental home might be right around the corner!


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