Trading City Living for a Rural Southern Maryland Home

Trading City Living for a Rural Southern Maryland HomeThe past few years have had many homeowners and potential buyers rethinking the area in which they live more than ever. There was a large number of urban residents choosing to change their location to quieter suburban and rural ones. Is this move right for you? Should you purchase that dream southern Maryland home on a large plot of land you have always wanted?

There are many picturesque rural areas of southern Maryland that you can settle into enjoying the most beautiful surroundings but there can be some differences to rural living that some urban dwellers might find as a drawback. The biggest is that it can feel isolating being far away from modern amenities and neighbors as compared to living in the city.

Here are some things to consider before making a big lifestyle change and moving from the city to a rural area

Decide what is the most important to you in daily life

What is it that is drawing you to the quieter areas of southern Maryland? What is it that you would like to leave behind in city life? What are you dreaming about in a new rural living space? Are you hoping for more land? Are you hoping for more quiet space to enable you to get more work done at home or to be able to enjoy hobbies you have always wanted to do?

Would you like to be able to slow down from all of the rush around you? It is well worth your time to process your thoughts with as much scrutiny as possible and truly consider what this change would look like and if you are really ready to make it.

Try it out before fully committing

When making such a huge lifestyle change it may be a good idea to try it out for a while to see if it really is something that you feel would be a great change for you before completely committing and moving.

Maybe opting for a longer short-term rental before a full move would be a good way to determine if a country lifestyle is what you are needing. It is also good to check out the area you were interested in making this big life change at different times during the year. A location in the winter is going to be very different than it is in the fall. Especially in a rural area as more people tend to stick to their individual homes more often than get outside and in the community. 

Renting for a short period of time if you are able to with your work can help you to truly get a feel for the culture and community of a location to decide if it really is a place you feel you could stay long-term.

Are you ready for the commitment of a larger piece of property?

If part of your dream in moving to a more rural setting is to have a larger piece of property it is a good idea to do homework on what it takes to maintain a home on a larger piece of land. If you are not someone that loves to get outdoors yet loves the thought of being on a bigger piece of property you may want to look into what it would cost to hire someone to do the maintenance for you.

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