Tips for Buying Your First Boat

Southern Maryland is brimming with amazing opportunities to enjoy the water. If you have just moved to the area and are excited about the prospect of purchasing a boat and getting out on the water often, your might want some help on where to start.Tips for Buying Your First Boat

Here are some tips for purchasing your first boat

First, Ask Yourself How You Hope to Use the Boat?

The first thing to consider when purchasing a boat is the type of boat. The largest deciding factor when determining the type of boat you want to focus on is the main activities you plan to do while on your boat. This could be an easy answer or it could be a more complex one if you hope to do more than one thing from your boat.

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Now its time to consider financing the boat

Before going out and shopping for a boat you want to get an idea of the pricing on the type of boat you are looking for and factor in how you will finance the boat along with the added costs of storing the boat if you are not able to do so at your house (if you do not have room or your HOA will not allow for boat storage.) There is also the added cost of fuel and maintenance to consider. This will play a large role in the next point as well.

How Big of Boat Should You Purchase?

Another major deciding factor in boat shopping is the size. When considering how much boat you can purchase you want to take into account your tow vehicle and your ability to store the boat. If you are unable to store a boat at your home there are many great places around southern Maryland to store your boat, but the size of the boat will also be a big determining factor in the cost of storage as well.

Do Some Homework

Once you have decided on the type and length of boat you are looking for it is a good idea to do as much homework as possible on specific brands and how they perform and their prices. When you are as knowledgeable as possible about the type of boat you are looking for it gives you the power to negotiate a better price. Don’t think that you have to purchase a boat at sticker value especially if you are considering a brand new vessel. There’s always room to negotiate but of course, there’s more room to negotiate when purchasing a used boat. Especially if it is for sale by owner.

Make Sure to Give it a Good Check Before Bringing it Home

Even if a boat is brand new, you want to make sure you thoroughly inspect any boat before you sign a contract and agree to take possession. Make sure to inspect the hull for damage and any signs of rot and look at the bilge for water or fuel. You will want to run the engine to ensure it does start-up and runs as promised and check that the hours on the engine are as communicated. You may want to invest in a Marine survey to ensure the boat is in great condition.

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