Store Clothes In Your Closet, Not Dust

Once you’ve decluttered the closet, you can reorganize the space to fight dust even more. For instance, if you live in a climate with changing seasons, storing out-of-season clothes in garment bags and airtight plastic totes can help prevent dust from infesting. Additionally, keep shoes off the floor with shoe racks, and put shirts in drawers or boxes rather than stacked on an open shelf.

Of course, no amount of reorganization or decluttering can deliver permanent freedom from dust. It’s extremely important to dust and clean closet surfaces thoroughly and regularly. Closets are easily overlooked in the cleaning routine; nevertheless, closet dust can still get on clothes and personal items. A clean closet is a major step forward toward a cleaner bill of health! For more closet cleaning help, check out the resource.

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Quick and Easy Tricks to Organize Your Closet

It is spring cleaning season and for many of us, that means going through all of the areas in our home that feel like they have just piled up with clutter and giving them a fresh makeover. One of the areas that can be dreaded or instantly feel overwhelming is the task of organizing your closets. But there are some ways that you can quickly and easily accomplish the task and have your closet feeling like it is your favorite place in your home again.

Something you can do every day to help your closet stay clean

If you simply try on some clothes make sure to hang things back up instead of leaving them on the floor. The same goes for putting away your clothes at the end of the day when you get into your pajamas. It can be so tempting when you’re tired just to let the clothes hang on the floor or toss them on a piece of furniture but it is well worth it to take the extra minute to put things back where they belong instead of putting away two weeks’ worth of clothes when it becomes overwhelming.

Inexpensive items you can purchase to keep things organized

You don’t have to go all out and purchase a brand-new closet organization system from an expensive store specializing in storage. You can purchase smaller items that can help to organize different areas of your closet. For example, you can purchase a simple towel bar to help you hang up scarves. You could purchase shelf dividers to keep things stacked neatly like T-shirts folded on shelves. Or to keep purses upright and easy to see.

Separate items and dedicate a space for each one

One of the biggest mistakes people make in their closets is not separating items out and giving each their own space so that you can more easily see all of the items that are in there. It is impossible to ever truly feel like you were organized or to find something that you are looking for without having separated categories and a space for everything in your closet. You also want to make sure that you do the diligent work of taking just a few extra seconds to put things back in their proper space.

Organization items that are helpful in tall or deep closets

If you have a very deep space or a system of shelves that is really tall you can purchase items that can help you to better utilize these things instead of regret the spaces. Items like pull-out shelving for deep spaces or pull-down hanging rods are great for tall closets. If you have enough space in your tall closet you may even consider hanging a sliding ladder from a rail that enables you to easily access things up high very quickly.

Five tasks you can do within 30 minutes to help get your closet in much better condition

If you have no time at all or are feeling like giving up as soon as you walk into your closet try out these five simple tasks that should take you less than 30 minutes and you may feel like you just gave your closet a complete makeover. These five tasks include getting rid of 10 pieces of clothing that you never wear, refolding all of your sweaters/T-shirts/jeans, color coordinating your hanging clothes and replacing mismatch hangers with a brand-new consistent set, organizing your shoes by style and color, bringing in a small bin that allows you to place items you are tired of in an area ready for donation.

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