Mosquito Prevention Hacks

During late spring and into summer as the weather warms up, outcome those pesky mosquitoes. South Maryland, being that it is a beautiful rural place surrounded by several bodies of water, is a favorite home to the mosquito.

Here Are Some Clever Hacks to Keep Mosquitoes out of Your Yard so You Can Better Enjoy Your Home’s Outdoor Spaces.Mosquito Prevention Hacks

Plant Some Mosquito Repelling Plants

Gardening is a favorite hobby of several people in southern Maryland and for good reason. There are many great local nurseries and such beautiful landscapes to enjoy here. If you are a fan of gardening there are some plants that you can include in your garden that mosquitoes hate the smell of. These plants include Lavender, Cadaga, bee balm, peppermint, rosemary, garlic, basil, lemon, marigolds, and catnip. Pretty much any fragrant herb is a good mosquito repelling plant.

Limit Beer Consumption

Though beer is a favored American refreshment for a summer night enjoyed on the back deck or at a summer cookout, mosquitoes are drawn to it. They can even smell it on you after you have consumed it. So, if the mosquitoes are swarming, you may want to switch to wine or mixed libations.


Unlike those cute furry dogs that have become family members, mosquitoes are not color blind. They are in fact, attracted to dark colors. When outside for a long period of time consider wearing some light-colored clothing.

Loose and flowy clothing styles are also a good idea. Mosquitoes, though they are hungry bloodsuckers, they are not determined, little buggers. They do not like to make a big effort for their next meal. If you are wearing loose clothes that can’t easily access your skin from the surface, they will move on.

Keep Fans Running

Though mosquitoes fly through the air, they are not the strongest fliers. Creating a decent amount of airflow will cause them to go somewhere where the winds are calmer. Run a few fans in the area where you are hanging out to create a violent windstorm for the pests.

Put on Repellent AFTER Sunscreen

A repellent made of peppermint, eucalyptus, or both is the most effective of mosquito deterrents. It is always smart to wear sunscreen whenever you are outside. For optimum effectiveness of your bug repellent make sure to apply it after you have put on your sunscreen and allowed it to dry.

Used Coffee Grounds in the Garden

Another smell that mosquitoes believe to be unpleasant is coffee. Sprinkling some used coffee grounds in your garden will create a smell that they hate. An added bonus is that coffee actually works as a great fertilizer for some plants. If you are not a coffee drinker you can purchase used grounds from your local coffee shop. Some stores will allow you to do so, all you have to do is ask if they sell used grounds.

Mosquito Curtains on Outdoor Structures

If you have a pergola or other outdoor sheltering structure, consider purchasing some inexpensive mosquito curtains. Just like with loose clothing, mosquitoes will not make effort to get beyond the barrier of these lightweight flowy fabric curtains.

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