County Fairs in Southern Maryland

South Maryland is full of amazing activities from several different ways to enjoy the waters of the Chesapeake, the Patuxent, and more, to hiking, indoor fun, and more. One of the most fun things to take part in, in Southern Maryland, is the many amazing County Fairs.

County Fairs in South Maryland

Charles County Fair

The Charles County Fair has been a South Maryland tradition since 1924. This year in 2022 will be the 98thannual Charles County Fair. Charles County Fairgrounds occupies over 35 acres in La Plata Maryland.

The fair is a celebration of a county that has a rich agricultural history. There are many fun things to do including exhibits that showcase livestock, field corn, arts, crafts, quilts, and flowers. All of these items are shown in the greens area.

There is entertainment, special events, and activities for everyone from tiny tots to the eldest and wisest of us all. The fair includes four stages filled with games, shows, and live music, a baby show, pig races, pony rides, and performers of all kinds. There is always some form of activity going on, on stage at the fair.

Perhaps one of the most iconic areas of the Charles County Fair is the carnival midway that includes many of the fun and exciting rides as well as games that draw people of all ages. There is even a kiddy midway for the youngest family members to appeal strictly to their interests and tailor fun carnival classics to the tiniest of fairgoers.

There is always something amazing to eat at the fair from traditional county fair food to healthier alternatives and of course the Maryland staple crab cake. Proceeds from ticket sales keep the fair running and help facilities to be maintained as well as help to pay for the annual Fourth of July fireworks in Charles County.

This year the Charles County Fair will be held from September 15 through September 18, 2022. Ticket costs are $10 per person for age 11 and older. Fairgoers age ten and under are free. Four-day passes to the fair can be purchased for $25. It is a great small local fair that allows you to enjoy the community without the huge price tag of other larger fares.

St. Mary’s County Fair

Every September the St. Mary’s County Fair is put together by an all-volunteer association. The fair takes place on the third weekend after Labor Day. Every year the St. Mary’s County Fair sees over 1000 community members enter various different competitions across many different categories. Some of these categories include homemade crafts, livestock, home arts, farm and garden, arts, 4H, and many more.

Cash prizes ribbons and trophies are awarded to winning exhibitionists and funding support for ribbons and prizes is provided by the Maryland Agricultural Fair Board. All proceeds from the fair are used to fund any fairground expenses and the cost of producing the next fair.

The St. Mary’s County Fair has been a tradition since 1947 and the first two fairs ever to be held in St. Mary’s County were on rented grounds at Camp Calvert on Brittany Bay in Leonardtown. In 1949 the government of St. Mary’s County leased a parcel of property along State Route five just south of Leonardtown which is now the permanent Saint Mary’s County Fairgrounds. Today the fair is an annual four-day event with the main focus of increasing awareness of the agricultural industry in the community.

One of the most popular aspects of the St. Mary’s County Fair is the carnival. Each year there are several fun rides for all members of the family including rides geared just for the youngest of family members.

This year the fair will take place, September 22nd through the 25th and this will be the 75th annual Saint Mary’s County Fair in Leonardtown

Calvert County Fair

Calvert County Fair is held every year in Prince Frederick Maryland. The fair is usually scheduled for the end of September beginning of October timeframe. This fair has been long-standing in southern Maryland since 1886 with a focus on providing agricultural education and promoting the work of the local farming community. The fair board that helps to put on the fair every year is operated by 18 members of the Board of Directors and 18 associate directors as well as several honorary members.

Every year the fair board strives to create a bigger and better fair than the year before to continue this long-standing and beloved tradition in Calvert County. Last year’s fair hosted children’s contests, several entertainments acts, including the Calvert Fair Idol contest, the Miss Tranquility, and Lord Calvert Pageant, a day geared just for youth, and many other activities such as races and tractor pulls.

On youth day the Calvert County public schools close to allow for the youngest residents of Calvert County to come out and enjoy the fair education of the community’s agricultural systems.

There are many different contests to enter to show off your talents as a community member at the fair from several different 4-H categories to baked goods, livestock, and more.

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