Calvert Cliffs State Park is One of Maryland's Most Amazing Outdoor Spots in the Fall

Calvert Cliffs State Park is One of Maryland's Most Amazing Outdoor Spots in the FallThere is just something so exciting about a big seasonal change going from summer into fall. Some people are not huge fans of saying goodbye to warm sunny days and longer hours of daylight, but many others are excited for the change that fall brings.

We love all of the fun traditional things that come with the fall season like grabbing seasonal treats at local cafés and coffee shops or heading out to a nearby amazing southern Maryland farm to find that perfect giant orange vegetable to bring home. But there is, even more, to enjoy outdoors during the fall in southern Maryland.

The entire state of Maryland is known as one of the most beautiful locations to observe the changing leaves and fall foliage. One of the most iconic markers of fall is orange and yellow and red-hued leaves. Both on trees and dropping to the ground in large piles.

A favorite pastime of locals and tourists alike is spending time in Maryland's outdoor areas or just driving through winding country roads taking in the gorgeous fall colors that Maryland puts on display. Just a few years ago the website featured eight of Maryland's best places to enjoy the fall foliage.

Calvert Cliffs state park right here in southern Maryland made the list at number seven.

Visiting Calvert Cliffs State Park in the Fall

Calvert Cliffs State Park is not just an amazing place to hang out during the fall season. In fact, it is hugely popular during the summer months and is often crowded. This perhaps is just another reason why it is so amazing to come here in the fall when things are a bit quieter.

The Calvert Cliffs State Park is named for its large Orange tinged dirt cliffs that line the Calvert County section of the Chesapeake Bay. The beach is most popular for its fossils and shark teeth visible on the sides of the cliffs. There are even some giant prehistoric bird fossils. Searching for shark teeth is a favorite summer pastime at the park.

While the beach is the main attraction during the summer and is still a great spot to hang out. In the fall, the main attraction is the hike through the trees that gets you to the beach along with the other trails. This is where all of the beautiful colorful fall foliage resides. The 1.8-mile path to the beach starts at the top of the cliffs and follows the creek through the woods and down into a ravine. This is known as the red trail and it is about a 45-minute hike, walkable by almost everyone. Make sure to come prepared with proper shoes for soggy fall ground conditions.

In addition to the amazing scenic beach path, the park expands for 13 miles through the forest with plenty of amazing hiking trails to enjoy. There's also a large playground fun for the kiddos made out of recycled tires. If you are someone that loves to continue to enjoy all of the beauty of the outdoor areas in southern Maryland during the fall this is a great place to do it.

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