Southern Maryland is the Best Place to Pick Up a Fresh Watermelon in the Summer

Did you know that in South Maryland you can drive along one of the many beautiful roads and pick up a fresh ripe watermelon from one of the Amish roadside stands? Or you can pick up one of these sweet juicy summertime favorites at one of the many amazing local fresh farmer's markets in South Maryland.Best Place to Pick Up a Fresh Watermelon in the Summer

There are so many amazing farmers markets throughout southern Maryland in which you can pick up local amazing items throughout the summer and into the early fall. For more information on some of the best farmer's markets in southern Maryland, you can read our article about southern Maryland farmers' markets here.

How to pick out a fresh, juicy, and best tasting watermelon in South Maryland

Watermelon is an amazing and refreshing summertime treat especially in the heat as it is sweet and juicy and full of hydrating water just as the name implies. But some watermelons are more juicy and sweet than others. Here are some tricks for picking out the best and tastiest of watermelons.


The shape of the watermelon will help you to determine whether your watermelon will be watery or sweet. The male watermelon which is long and oval-shaped is going to produce a more watery fruit. A female watermelon that is round like a ball will produce a much more sweet-tasting fruit. So in this case bigger may not always be better, choose the smaller round watermelon for a sweeter fruit.


Most watermelons will have a large seemingly discolored spot near the place where the stem once was. If the watermelon has a white spot this signifies that there is little flavor to the watermelon. A watermelon with a yellowy-orange spot signifies a very flavorful and delicious watermelon. Though this yellow or orange spot may look more unsightly it signifies a very yummy fruit.


Some watermelons, especially those freshly picked from a local farm, will still have a piece of the stem attached. If the watermelon has a green stem this means that the watermelon is not yet ripe and will not be sweet and tasty it may be tart and flavorless. A dried-out stem signifies that the watermelon was ripe and ready to be picked and is juicy, sweet, and ready to be enjoyed.


The appearance of lines that crisscross across each other is referred to as webbing on watermelons. If there is just a small patch of webbing near the spot of the stem on the end of the watermelon this means that the watermelon will most likely be bland in flavor. A watermelon with a significant large patch of webbing near the end or the stem mark signifies that the watermelon will be sweet and yummy. You want to look for the watermelon that seems to have a large amount of scratching, which is webbing. Again this seems to be counterintuitive as it is unsightly just like the color of a spot, but it will produce a very flavorful and sweet fruit.

The many opportunities to pick up fresh local fruits such as watermelon from a roadside stand or a farmers market is just one of the reasons to love living in southern Maryland. For more information on Southern Maryland real estate please contact us anytime.

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