7 Creative Ways to Enjoy a Day at the Beach

One of the favorite local summertime activities in South Maryland is enjoying the many gorgeous beautiful beaches along the coast. Here are some great clever tips and tricks to help you enjoy a day on some of the best beaches in the country. These tips are great for the whole family and there are some really good ones to help keep your kids comfortable and happy to enjoy a longer stay in what will become one of your favorite spots in the world.

Sponge Leis7 Creative Ways to Enjoy a Day at the Beach

Make a fun sponge lei for your kids, or heck, for every member in the family. It is a fun way to help keep cool in hot summer temperatures. Simply cut decorative shapes using small pieces of colorful sponges and get them wet with cold water. Wear them around your neck as a way to keep your body temperature down and more comfortable in the sun. For a super cooling effect you can wet it and stick it in the freezer before heading out to the beach.

Create a sand-free space using a fitted sheet as a beach blanket

Sand, sand everywhere. Yes, it’s fun in its rightful space, but not when you’re trying to relax on a blanket. In addition, if you have a baby or toddler you may want to keep them out of the sand as they tend to like to snack on it. A great way to create a sand-free zone is to bring a fitted sheet and use the edges of the sheet as sort of a fence or a barrier like you are creating a small playpen. Of course, anybody entering the sheet from the outside will need to wipe their feet off before utilizing it.

Keep small kids controlled and happy with a kiddie pool

If you plan to hang out at the beach for a long period of time and your little one loves the water it can be a constant worry or exhausting to be right there with them while they play and splash in the waves. You can give yourself a little bit of rest by bringing along a kiddy pool that you can fill with just a small amount of water and some fun toys to allow them to play while you sit and take a rest.

Record when you last applied sunscreen

Picking out the right sunscreen and using it properly are very important in the summer in South Maryland. Check out our article on using sunscreen properly and picking out just the right one. You can measure and remember when the last time you applied sunscreen by simply writing on the side of the container what times you should be applying sunscreen and marking them off with a sharpie sort of like those water bottles that have markings on the side for when you should have drunk a certain amount of water by a certain time.

Use frozen water balloons in your cooler

Make it easier to keep snacks cold and drinks refreshing with the use of a cooler. Fill it up with water balloons after putting them in the freezer to keep your food cold and dry. An added perk to this is when they thaw out they are ready for a fun water balloon fight. Just make sure to pick up those bits of balloons and carry them out with you when you are done.

Use a folding mesh laundry bag as a beach toy container

A simple affordable cheap pop-up mesh laundry bag is the perfect container for beach toys. It can easily hold all of your toys while not holding on to the sand. The sand will fall through the small holes in the mesh leaving it at the beach instead of bringing it home in your car.

Remove wet sand more easily

Pack some simple talc-free baby powder to remove wet sand from your hands, legs and anywhere else before leaving the beach more easily. All you need to do is shake some of the baby powder on and then rub the sand right off of your skin. It’s like magic.

A list of all of the great parks landings and beaches to enjoy in Saint Mary’s County

There are many great ways to enjoy the outdoors in southern Maryland especially in Saint Mary’s County. Several county parks have a great picnic pavilions that are available for rent as well if you want to have a fun outdoor party. Here’s a list of all of the great outdoor spaces in Saint Mary’s County:

  • Baggett Park7 Creative Ways to Enjoy a Day at the Beach
  • Cardinal Gibbons Park
  • Carver Heights Community Park Cecil Park
  • Chancellors Run Regional Park
  • Chaptico Park
  • Dorsey Park
  • Elms Beach and Waterfront Park
  • Fifth District Park
  • Hollywood Soccer Complex
  • Jarboesville Park
  • Lancaster Park
  • Laurel Ridge Park
  • Miedsinski Park
  • Myrtle Point Waterfront Park Nicolet Park
  • Piney Point Historic Park
  • Seventh District Park
  • Snow Hill Waterfront Park
  • Saint Andrews Estates Park
  • Saint Clement’s Shores Park
  • Three Notch Trail
  • Town Creek Park

For more detailed information on any of these parks, you can find it at the Saint Mary’s County website

There are so many reasons to love living in southern Maryland, and the many amazing beaches and outdoor spaces are just one. For more information on Southern Maryland real estate please contact us anytime.

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