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Ready to jump-start your career in Real Estate?  Ready to experience "different" inside of the industry?  The Southside Group offers a unique opportunity to those looking to be part of a rapidly growing team in the Southern Maryland market.  Growing market share by innovation and best-in-class client experiences are the pillars to The Southside Group's success.  Contact us today to discuss your plans and future goals and how they align with our Team's strategy to become the premier Real Estate Team in the Southern Maryland and DMV Markets. 

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Not all real estate teams are created equal. It's important to be honest with yourself to determine if the team is right for you. If you're considering joining a real estate team or switching teams, here are some things to be aware of.

Every team is different.

Our team focuses on customer service, long-term relationships, honesty, and integrity. Every piece of our team represents someone's dream about the kind of location and result they want in this business. It's important to talk about the roles of each team member, how you would fit into that team, and expectations.

Ask about training.

Whether you are a new agent or a seasoned one, things can work differently depending on the team you are with. Make sure to talk about strengthening communication skills, team building, and business building as well as negotiation and pricing skills.

Meet with other members of the team.

Sometimes one interview is not enough. It's also not enough to get along with just one part of the team. Make sure you click and connect with all members of the team so that it's a good fit for everyone involved. Tensions, frustrations, and unmet expectations can only lead to disgruntled employees and eventually clients.

We currently have a team of customer service specialists, agents, lenders, inspectors, title partners, and operation managers. We want to make sure that this is a good fit for everyone. We would love to speak with you at any time about joining The Southside Group of Home Towne Real Estate. Send us a message below or simply contact us. We are ready to talk to you!

Join The Southside Group in the exciting world of Real Estate! We offer a unique opportunity to be part of a rapidly growing team in Southern Maryland.

With a focus on innovation and client experiences, you'll make a real difference in the industry. Explore our job opportunities and become part of our success story today! Contact us to discuss your future goals and align them with our strategy. Let's write the next chapter together!

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At The Southside Group, we are redefining the standard in Southern Maryland Real Estate.

Our commitment to exceptional customer service and innovative solutions set us apart. We go above and beyond to exceed our clients' expectations, fostering a positive and inclusive work culture that empowers every team member to thrive both personally and professionally. Our proactive approach keeps us at the forefront of industry trends, continuously refining our strategies to ensure your success. Trust us to turn your Real Estate dreams into a reality. Join our team and be part of our journey!

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